Suicide Zero

saves lives by preventing suicide. Through training, support and research, they reduce taboos around mental health illness and spread knowledge regarding how to help those who need it most, as well as their relatives.
have personally known someone that comitted suicide
know someone that is thinking about committing suicide
would consider listening to someone with mental health issues

Challenges and missions:

Suicide Zero work on several important and exciting missions, the main one being suicide prevention. They have also initiated the projects "Livsviktiga snack" ("Vital Conversations" in english) and "Livsviktiga snack i skolan" "(Vital Conversations in School" in english). These projects specifically target parents, adults, and school staff working with children age 9-12. The challenges Spring take on in this project are to meet the diverse needs of the different target groups, and to create solutions for the client where the content is easy and engaging to work with and edit. Based on Suicide zero's mission and goals, we have summarized our project in three points:

  1. To create a simple editing interface for each website, allowing them to be customized as needed without hassle.
  2. Transform and create websites to ensure interaction and support for users during their visits
  3. Develop a platform for school staff, enabling them to seamlessly work with teaching materials.

New website design of "Livsviktiga snack" och "Livsviktiga snack i skolan".

The process:

In order to create websites that effectively appeal to different target groups, a user centered design is crucial. Our methodology involved an extensive focus on UX research, facilitated through collaborative workshops with esteemed teams from Suicide Zero, Livsviktiga snack, and Livsviktiga snack i skolan. By creating customer journeys, target group descriptions and personas, we captured comprehensive images of each website's users. Following the research phase we tackled design and the graphic expression. Notably, the website of Livsviktiga snack has a vibrant and playful visual expression that deviates from the primary design language of the overarching organization, Suicide Zero. The team agreed to keep the playfulness of the websites that focus on children. Considering the seriousness of the subject, it was considered important that the purpose of each project was presented professionally, while not being considered dull or boring.

The sollution:

We chose Wordpress as the new CMS and started developing an editor interface where Suicide Zero can efficiently edit content and easily create new pages on the websites, based on customized templates. For Livsviktiga snack i skolan, we are building a new landing page to inform users about the initiative and how schools can participate. A portal is being created which collects all the content and planning material for school staff to support them in implementing the material in their curriculum. With Livsviktiga snack, focus lies on creating a user-friendly website where users may find materials and information that suit their needs. The website moves away from feeling like an ebook with a lot of text, and instead becomes website where information is easy to find and grasp. We highlight topics and exercises that engage users and entice them to explore the site. Additionally the websites's design is being updated ensuring a coherent visual identity that fosters a sense of unity, while simultaneously differentiating them from their respective projects, providing a seamless but unique experience.

The update of Suicide Zero's new website has recently begun, we don't want to reveal too much yet. We expect the final result to arrive in a browser near you in early spring 2024.