Fia measures cooperation and internationalization for universities and colleges. With Fia it is easy to capture all the good things the faculty does. Information is aggregated, visualized and distributed to the public in an easy-to-understand format that’s interesting to take part of.

It is a challenge for the faculty at universities and colleges that in a simple way get an overview of all the fantastic activities their staff is involved in, be it education, research or cooperation. At the same time, the public is interested and curios about what goes on at institutes of higher education.

FIA is a system that receives data via a standardized academic resumé, whereupon the data is made accessible via analytics, aggregations, reports and visualizations so that both management and the public can take part of a clear and quantitative image of what goes on at the institute.

Competences and methods in this project:

  • Front-end/
  • Back-end/
  • UX design/
  • Business impact mapping/

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