Data-driven development in collaboration with ID06

26 feb 2021
Data-driven development in collaboration with ID06

Spring and ID06 collaboration regarding improved digital customer service will continue during the spring! With continuous analyzes of usage (with Google Analytics & Hotjar) and data-driven development, we hope to see increased customer satisfaction in the future.

The collaboration began during the summer of 2020 and after a feasibility study in UX and design with e.g. photography of new images and customer journeys as a result, we launched a new version of the website in Wordpress before Christmas. The focus of the work was to clarify for prospective customers how to get started with the ID06 card service. The purpose was partly to improve the customer experience and partly to reduce the number of questions asked to customer service.

The work on continues for more satisfied customers and, in the long run, safer workplaces.

ID06 is a well-known brand in many construction sites around the country. It was founded by Sveriges Byggindustrier and their mission is to promote healthy competition and safe workplaces, e.g. through its system for identifying people in the workplace and linking them to a proper employer.

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