The challenge:

To support the usage of biogas in Sweden, it needs to be made as simple as possible. The facilitation of production, retail and retrieval needs to be made just as available as conventional forms of vehicle fuel. So how is this done?

The process:

NeoZeo recieved financing from Vinnova to build a digital support environment for their solution, partially an app for the owner who can supervise the machine that converts manure to biogas, but also to make the biogas available for purchase. An app would also be developed for customers; that is to say, the owners of cars that run on biogas who want to buy biogas from their local farmers.

We preformed a large pre-study consisting of interviews with car owners and forms handed to farmers, as well as an innovation lab to garner facts and insights about how the apps should be built. After that we designed and built both a back-end and an Internet-of-things connection, and also two apps released on AppStore for testing by NeoZeo's clients.

NeoZeo product image

The solution:

A platform which connects local biomethane producers, end-users and distributors in one place. The platform is able to collect live data from all registred biomethane producers and biomethane distributors to be able to offer a simpel and seamless process for ordering specific amounts of biomethane regardless of where they are. The price of biomethane is analysed and an automatic offer is generated with the help of algorithmic pricing. Beyond that the system will measure and display the collective influence the platforms users has on the Swedish environment through lowered greenhouse gas emmisions.

Competences and methods in this project:

  • Front-end/
  • Back-end/
  • UX design/
  • Business impact mapping/

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