together with HeartRunner, Spring has helped develop SMSlivräddare; an award-winning app that changes peoples lives in earnest. It is made to save lives.
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The challenge:

For us, the challenge lied in taking over an already existing project. We work with support and further development of the app for iOS and Android. Another factor is that there are numerous actors involved, such as SOS Alarm and several diffrent regions in Sweden. It is also important that the app is connected to emergency services in these regions, as the processes can differ between areas.

The process:

The further development was done in Xamarin, with support of UX design. The back-end development is being done in Norway by the company UMS. The development was done in close cooperation with HeartRunner and the other partners who have stakes in the service. We have done focus groups, workshops and user tests to ensure that the service is as useable as possible, to save as many lives as possible.

The solution:

Users download the app if they have documented knowledge in CPR, and recieve alarms should they be in a close proximity to an emergency where they could be helpful. Users recieve this alarm when a suspected cardiac arrest is reported to emergency services. The idea is that the app will get someone on the scene before emergency personnel has reached the scene, since it is imperitive that a person suffering a cardiac arrest recieves help as quickly as possible.

The system is also connected to the defibrillator database in Sweden, so that users can pick one up on their way to the scene. The system is created together with experts to fully utilize the resources already existing in society.

SMSLivräddare has won prizes such as inUse Award 2019, a prize awarded every year to a Swedish app or other solution that makes its users lives easier. The service has been awarded as one of the leading innovations under KI Innovations 20-year anniversery.

Aside from Sweden, SMSlivräddare exists in Denmark, where the app is called Hjerteløber, and the company is now planning for continued international expansion to Finland and Island.

Competences and methods in this project:

  • Front-end/
  • UX design/
  • Visual design/
  • Business impact mapping/

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