Fortum - Charge & Drive

is one of the leading electric vehicle charging stations providers in the North, offering over 1900 stations together with an app built and designed by Spring.
Provider in the North
B2B customers
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The challenge:

Keeping up with the growing electric vehicle market and Charge & Drive globally expanding, Spring continued to get the responsibility for the UX- and GUI development for the latest app released in May 2018. Our cooperation with Charge and Drive began in 2013 where the company was in need of UX- and UI expertise and later Front-end development. Back then, Charge & Drive was only offered on iOS, resulting in Spring building a more flexible web solution where users could find charging stations and pay on any device. Fast forward a few years with an expanded market together with new user needs, there was a need to update the system and bring the design and development closer to the end customer.

The process:

To really understand the end customers and to be equipped for the future, Spring conducted a pre-study in the world's most mature electric vehicle market – Oslo, Norway. Based on in-depth-interviews and workshops together with real end users, Spring designed new and improved existing features. On the Front-end development side, the architect investigated what platforms to use and the best ways to gather API:s.

Charge & Drive product image

The solution:

Through a React Native app, users can now benefit the Charge & Drive services on both Android- and iOS devices. Users can search for charging stations through the built in Google map, pay for their charging sessions in the app and in the soon-to-be-released version book charging outlets to plan their driving routes more efficiently. Besides the app offered to end customers, Spring also built a web based portal where Fortum can administrate and adapt the solution for their B2B customers all over the world.

Competences and methods in this project:

  • Front-end/
  • UX design/
  • Visual design/

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