Through Corpias marketplace, individuals and companies alike can invest into small- to medium-sized companies by offering loans with interest. Corpia handles all administrative tasks, and make sure the payments get to the investors Corpia-accounts as the borrowers pay amortizations and interests.

The challenge:

The vision of Corpia was to create a digital marketplace that connects investors and borrowers, and provide a simple, bank-safe and transparent way to lend, and borrow money.

One of the biggest challenge was to create a platform for so-called Peer-to-Peer-lending, which means borrowers loan money directly from other investors instead of taking loans from traditional banks.

The solution:

To realize this vision, we chose to split the platform into three parts to separate responsibility and functionality.


The Backend


The Backend is made with Java, and contains all business logic and data. The Backend uses a protected API for Marketplace and Backoffice communicate through.




The marketplace is the platform for investors and borrowers. It is based on the SilverStripe CMS with the addition to be able to get business data from the Backend, to be combined with the content from the CMS.




The backoffice is an admin-system made to handle all data from the backend. The system also has a dashboard with an overview for relevant actions and events connected to users, loan requests, transactions and accounts. Backoffice is based on the Silverstripe framework. To give the users a safe and pleasant experience, the platform is integrated with the following services:




The platform uses BankID for quick and safe login and verification, both for the Marketplace and Backoffice.




The payment solution Swish has been integrated so that investors quickly and easily can make deposits to their accounts. This is complemented with ordinary bank payments if that is preferred.




When applying for loans, information is gathered about the company, the companies financial status and creditgrade thru an integration towards CreditSafe.


Spring was responsible for the development of the backend functionality.

The project was built in cooperation with Kreationsbyrån and Grau, who designed it.

Competences and methods in this project:

  • Back-end/

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