Welcome to a webinar on the subject of innovation, sustainability and co-creation!

28 May 2021
Welcome to a webinar on the subject of innovation, sustainability and co-creation!

Welcome to a webinar with Spring and Upgreen on the subject of innovation, sustainability and co-creation in June.

Our two speakers will be Thomas Arctaedius, i.a. professor of entrepreneurship, and Linda Fragner, innovation leader & creator of the workshop method Sustainability Sprint.

At the webinar, we will talk about methods, tools and approaches to drive and bring about change, taken from the field of innovation.

Throughout the session you will receive answers on questions such as:

  • How do we drive change with the help of entrepreneurial tools and methods?
  • How do we take an entrepreneurial approach to sustainability work?
  • How do we end up with eternal discussion meetings and start doing?


Thomas provides an overview of the concept of entrepreneurship today and how to use entrepreneurial tools and methods to initiate and develop ideas that want to create change and solve challenges. He presents examples from the university world where we teach students entrepreneurship to give them tools and methods to be able to transform their ideas and creations into projects that solve societal challenges.

Linda Fragner will talk about how we create sustainable change and secure the future of our companies by stopping prancing around meetings and instead adopting the work shopper way-of-working.

Frida Panoussis is a Graphic Recorder and meeting designer and will illustrate the meeting. At the Presencing Institute, which is part of MIT, Frida has received an important part of her education through the course Generative Scribing and Theory U, which is a model for prototyping and visualization. Frida has live illustrated and designed meetings for TEDx Stockholm, the City of Stockholm, Telia, the Swedish Environmental Protection Agency and many more.

Moderator will be Anna Uleander, she is the Head of Design & Sustainable Business at Spring and a consultant in UX, strategy and digital sustainability.

The webinar will be held in swedish on June the 10th at 11.00-11.45.
It is free of charge.

Please follow this link to register.

We hope to see you there!

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