Welcome Johanna Särnå and Anna Uleander!

21 Dec 2018
Welcome Johanna Särnå and Anna Uleander!

Spring continues to grow and takes a big step forward by recruiting two senior members to our team, Johanna Särnå and Anna Uleander. Johanna as Head of Tech and Anna as Head of Design. Both Anna and Johanna are very experienced with a long and solid background of many successful projects in different customer segments. With this Spring strengthens its capability to deliver world-class solutions to our clients. The recruitment of Anna and Johanna is the next step in Spring’s growth strategy.

Hi Johanna and Anna! What made you choose Spring?

Johanna: I was appealed by the agile way of working that becomes natural in a small company based on innovation and entrepreneurship. What also caught my interest was Spring’s many customers and projects in the frontline of new technologies.

Anna: I thought Spring seemed to be an exciting company and I liked the angle of innovation and flexibility. Since I’m highly value and purpose driven, what also caught my eye was Thomas’ [CEO of Spring] social commitment and his work around social entrepreneurship. I have also worked with Fredrik [Head of Sales and Marketing] previously and I’ve always been really impressed by his work.

What responsibilities will you have at Spring?

Johanna: My role will be divided into two parts, leading Spring´s teach team and as a consultant focusing on agile ways of working.

Anna: My focus is to lead Spring’s design team and further develop our design offer, as well as do consultancy in UX Design and innovation.

Our roles also include business development as members of Spring’s management team.

What would you like to contribute with to Spring?

Johanna: My experience in agile ways of working will be one of my main contributions. That, together with my passion of building fantastic solutions together with brilliant people.

Anna: To create an even more exceptional place to work and to grow our design team & our capacity to deliver high impact solutions. I love the craft of creating digital services and I believe in an organizational culture that is holistic, healthy and characterized by trust, transparency and self-management, and that is what I want to contribute to and nurture.

My heart lies in sustainability and the result of the work that we do. I want to contribute to create more business opportunities and interesting projects and collaborations for us in that area. It is the combination of innovation, social impact and design that really sparks my interest. I have spent the last 20 years refining my skill set on how to design and build digital services and I want to use that skill set on projects that aim to create a positive difference for people, communities and the planet.

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