Welcome Fabian - fullstack developer at Spring!

26 Apr 2022
Welcome Fabian - fullstack developer at Spring!

Welcome to Fabian, starting at Spring this week!

Tell us more about yourself

I’m a fullstack developer with several years of experience in building web applications as a consultant. My passion lies in creating rich, responsive and smooth user experiences on the web. This includes:

  1. Building state of the art websites with the best tools available, making sure that performance, availability and security is accounted for.
  2. Designing interactive applications with attention to detail and quality.
  3. Turning a good idea into great software.

My favourite stack of technology to use right now include React, PostCSS, Node, GraphQL and MongoDB. And I’m currently exploring the world of 3D rendering with Three.js and Blender.

I strive to be an excellent communicator and someone who sees the big picture. I believe in good ideas, and I’m not afraid to oppose bad ideas, with constructive criticism and the end goal in focus. In a project, my main goal is to create the best result achievable, and to do it on time. Some of my previous clients include TV4, Dustin and 3.

When I’m not hammering away on the computer keyboard, I’m playing another keyboard, the piano! I have a great love for music, I write a lot of material myself and sometimes play with a band. Think soulful pop music with jazz harmony and improvisation. It’s fun!

I’m very excited about starting at Spring and looking forward to everything that is to come!

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