We are now addressing the digital legacy of the public sector

11 Dec 2020
We are now addressing the digital legacy of the public sector

Together with researchers at the University of Gothenburg, we are launching a project with the goal to develop a tool for identifying, analyzing, classifying and visualizing digital infrastructure in the public sector.

The name of the project and future tools is DIOS, Digital Infrastructure in the Public Sector.

DIOS is a tool that helps the public sector to find bad, expensive and insecure systems, and identifies systems with overlapping functionality.

DIOS will help the public sector to save amounts in the billion-dollar range by canceling unnecessary licenses, it will also lead to safer systems that are open to further service innovation. The end result is a better functioning public administration with the ability to offer its citizens innovative services.

At the moment, the municipalities of Burlöv, Sundsvall, Mellerud, Uddevalla, Linköping and Skellefteå are participating. Uppsala University is also an early user of DIOS.

"An appropriate digital infrastructure creates completely new opportunities for the public sector to both drive Innovation and at the same time save lots of money," says Associate Professor Johan Magnusson at the University of Gothenburg.

Do you want to know more about the possibilities DIOS, Digital Infrastructure in the Public Sector? Feel free to contact Andreas Nilsson at Spring.

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