Toothie is out now - Swedens first dental care app

8 Apr 2020
Toothie is out now - Swedens first dental care app
Have you ever felt that you need advice or information about dental care, but dont have time for the lengthy waiting times many clinics are burdened with? Toothie is Swedens first dental care app, and at Spring we have been with them all the way from design to development. The app makes it easier and more comfortable to recieve guidance about dentistry, both aestetical and general. Another advantage is that Toothie helps those of us who suffer from dental anxiety. They can now talk to a legitimate dentist without having to visit a clinic, which works as a first step towards better oral health. Toothies website is a good place to visit if you want a general guide to different dental issues. Toothies goal is to offer the most available and affordable dental care for all. The dentists at Toothie all have swedish dentist licenses and broad knowledge from their experience in physical dentistry. The digital technology complements the traditional dental care and raises its qualities to new heights.

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