Thomas Arctaedius, speaker at "walking a mile in your customers shoes"

16 Apr 2018
Thomas Arctaedius, speaker at "walking a mile in your customers shoes"

Thomas Arctaedius was one of the guest speakers at Implement Consulting Groups seminar "Walking a mile in your customers shoes". The seminar was about how to utilize customer journeys to really increase the satisfaction of the end user, and the developers.

The seminar posed that while many organisations employ customer journeys and measuring customer satisfaction, but that many of them don't use what they learn in an optimal way. Instead, the focus lies in increased productivity, efficiency or lead times, when it could be used to benefit customers directly. Or the opposite, it could focus entirely on how to benefit the end user, and miss out on opportunities to increase process efficiency and effectiveness.

Thomas talked about the importance of understanding the digital touch points that your organization have with the customers. The first step is to make a list of categories relating to how much you control them. For example, you have full control over your own web page. You have only partial control, as you own your own channel, but not youtube itself. And finally there are of course touch points you have no control over.

He also talked about how you need to try to map the digital "journey" your potential customers make before deciding to buy something from you, what websites do they visit before buying from you?

The seminar was also about aligning your internal processes to match the way your potential customer move before becoming an actual paying customer.

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