This year's winner of the InUse Award is AsthmaTuner

26 Nov 2020
This year

Congratulations to the team behind AsthmaTuner®. It feels good that we got to work with You and follow Your journey! A highly innovative service that helps and facilitates people in their everyday lives!

The jury's statement

When AsthmaTuner provides easy access to data for both the asthmatic and the caregiver, benefits arise in several stages. The treatment gets better precision, the asthmatic feels better and the health and social care is relieved, win-win-win!

Spring would also like to take this opportunity to thank our customer Sms-lifeguard, who kindly wrote about us on Linkedin, "This year's winner of the inUse Award is AsthmaTuner® ? Cheers! We send lots of congratulations and hope you are as happy as we were when we got this great price! It is also the friends at Spring AB who also developed this app. ? Congratulations to you too!"

Fredrik Aldegren, responsible for business development at Spring, says "We are proud to be involved and work with both Asthmatuner and SMS lifeguards. Their services really help people. It also feels really fun to work with the winners of InUse Award two years in a row!"

Now we hope to have the chance to participate and create more innovative and important services within Medtech. Feel free to contact us if you want to discuss an exciting new service!

About InUse Award

"We want to highlight Swedish solutions that make users' everyday lives easier and more fun, and that help the businesses behind the solutions to achieve their goals."

About AsthmaTuner
“We want all asthmatics to be able to live without symptoms!

AsthmaTuner is CE marked and meets high standards of quality and safety. Clinical studies show that AsthmaTuner improves asthma control and reduces healthcare costs.

10% of the world's population has asthma. Despite good treatment guidelines and medications, many still suffer from their asthma.

Existing treatment methods and working methods are time-consuming and inefficient for both patients and caregivers.

Based on research, create modern aids that make it easier for healthcare professionals and help asthmatics live without symptoms.

About SMS Lifeguards
“Started by researchers focusing on saving more lives

SMS lifeguards bring together volunteers who have CPR knowledge, the nearest defibrillator and a person with a suspected cardiac arrest. The system and app are owned, operated and developed by Heartrunner Sweden AB, which is owned by Karolinska Institutet Holding AB, Everbridge Norway and the researchers behind the idea.

Our system gives those who suffer from cardiac arrest outside hospitals better conditions to survive. Through a chain that involves the citizens, we can save lives while waiting for an ambulance.

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