Springs product company Dimatech is aiming to help the public sector save billions

21 May 2021
Springs product company Dimatech is aiming to help the public sector save billions

Spring has two product companies, these are platforms for products we commercialize. One of the companies, Dimatech AB, has just released a beta version of the product DIOS, Digital Infrastructure in the Public Sector.

DIOS is developed in close collaboration with researchers at the University of Gothenburg and a number of forward-leaning organizations in the public sector: Stockholm Region, Uppsala University and the municipalities of Burlöv, Sundsvall, Mellerud, Uddevalla and Skellefteå.

DIOS offers management an automatic system categorization of the IT infrastructure in the categories Discontinue, Maintain, Consolidate, or Develop. Each system is scored and given a result, "a coordinate". We visualize an aggregated picture of all systems, but also take the cost of the systems into account. The end result is a picture that shows how the infrastructure is distributed according to the four categories, a darker color indicates a higher cost, see below for an example view from DIOS. The goal is to help the public sector save billions in a few years' time by decommissioning systems that are not being used.


It's great that we already have a functioning Beta and we hope to have a finished v1.0 ready for the market after the summer, says Andreas Nilsson, product manager at Dimatech.

Other researchers also address the issue of IT infrastructure in the public sector. At DN debatt a very worth reading article has been published, written by Mats Alvesson, David Ebbevi and Anna Essén, called At great cost, data is collected that is never used. The article highlights the problem with the costs of the systems, but also the lack of interest in using collected data to make better, more informed decisions. They also emphasize the importance of repeatedly having a constructively critical view of existing systems and not being afraid to shut down systems that are not effective.

Hopefully, DIOS can be part of the solution to this big problem.

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