Spring simplifies green impact reporting

6 Apr 2022
Spring simplifies green impact reporting
We are building a tool that makes it super easy for homeowners to look-and-find finance for their green home improvements, for example installing solar panels on the roof of their house.

The lender (e.g. a bank) receives the homeowners green data in a secure way, and may easily aggregate many small loans into a green bond.

Our solution captures and transports green data from homeowners to any bank in the EU. We maintain strict data integrity and security without having to build separate integrations with each bank. This is done by an innovative use of Blockchain technology.

We are now doing beta-testing of our solution and are eager to talk to banks and homeowners for feedback. If this sounds interesting, please contact Andreas or Paulina at SPRING to learn more.

This initiative is part of what we are doing in EU funded project Stronghouse with partners all over Europe.

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