Spring goes to Nordic.js

9 Oct 2019
Spring goes to Nordic.js

Nordic.js is a single track JavaScript conference with talks by internationally renowned speakers and rising stars in the JavaScript community. Previous speakers includes Karolina Szczur, Guillermo Rauch, Rachel Andrew, Mariko Kosaka, and Jeremy Keith. The 10-11th of October this years version of Nordic.js goes underway. At Spring we have three developer going to the conference; Robert Horngren, Anna Lindström and Viktor Andersson.

Nordic.js is made by developers for developers. Their ambition is to inspire but also to be inspired, to meet and learn from others and to strenghten the JavaScript community.

Robert, Viktor and Anna had this to say about the conference.

Robert: I'm mostly hoping to be inspired. I want to be aware of whats going on in tech; whats available today but also what will be in the future. Earlier years I have followed Noric.js's live stream and thats what really got me interested to actually be there. It's very innovative, what they talk about; it might not be things you use today, but they are at the forefront of showing what is possible to do with JavaScript.

Viktor: I heard of the conference through their other event Code in the Dark, where i participated a few times. I wanted to go after I was told about it by some other participants I know.

Anna: I also heard of it through Code in the Dark, in which I will actually participate this year! I'm looking forward to many of the speakers, primarily the ones talking about React, React Native, Typescript, VR & AR and TensorFlow.

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