Social campaign and event marketing for Futuro

10 Sep 2017
Social campaign and event marketing for Futuro

During the ITU World Triathlon Championship in Stockholm a few weeks ago, Spring created a campaign to pay attention to the brand of Futuro's different types of support bandages. Together with Futuro, we created a Facebook campaign and an event right next to the finish line. Throughout the event, visitors and competitors challenged each other by cycling 1 mile on Futuro's bike that was set up at Skeppsbron. The campaign also included the 5th World Cup champion Javier Gomez Noya who uses Futuro's product for rehab and prevention purposes.

The social campaign resulted in approximately 1 million impressions in the target audience. In addition, we also created a campaign to the entire Apoteket customer club.

We work with several of 3M's brands from a 360 perspective, which makes these assignments extra fun and stimulating. Often with the whole north as a market.


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