SMSLivräddare wins inUse Award 2019

14 Oct 2019
SMSLivräddare wins inUse Award 2019

"A digital lifeline that can make anyone into a hero. A mobile lifebuoy in every persons hand. SMSlivräddare does what the name implies – saves lives though smart digital communication!" - Thus reads the motivation for the winner of the inUse Award 2019, who just so happens to be SMSLivräddare, one of Springs clients.

SMSlivräddare is an app with a very important purpose: to save lives. Users of the app need to have a documented knowledge in CPR, and should someone need their assistance they will recieve an alarm about it so that they could do what they can to assist. The thought is that the app will make someone at the scene before even healthcare personell has arrived, since the first moments after a sudden heart attack are the most vital.

InUse Award is about displaying good examples of Swedish solutions that makes their users everyday life simpler and more enjoyable. They focus on usability and the whole experience instead of just the look of it. SMSlivräddare won 25 000 SEK and two tickets to From Business to Buttons 2020 - Europe's primary conference on User Experience.

"Huge congratulations to SMSlivräddare for winning inUse Award 2019! Feels great to work together with you" says Fredrik Aldegren, Head of Business Development at Spring.

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