Service design and innovation for Agilokliniken

26 Aug 2019
Service design and innovation for Agilokliniken

Whether you need a naprapath in Stockholm, rehabilitation in Södermalm, chiropractor in Tumba or naprapath in Solna, Agilokliniken's broad network is at your service. They are currently 29 co-workers split among five offices. These are in Stockholm City, Södermalm, Tumba and Arenastaden in Solna. At Agilokliniken the patienten is always focus, and they try to be as attentive as possible. When they notice something troubling a patient is within a co-workers area of expertise, they file an internal remit to achieve the best possible result.

Spring works with a basis in our innovation model. When working with innovation, we apply different models depending on what type of project it is. Books like “Business Model Generation” and “Lean Startup” have been great inspirational resources.

With a grounding in service design and innovation methodology, we examine how we can improve the client experience and support the treatment process through digital tools.
We start with a Discovery phase consisting of two moments:

Part 1: Understand

Part 2: Define & Ideate (utforma)

Followed by the next step; concretizing the digital service developed. This part can look diffrent depending on what insights earlier parts provided, but can, for example, involve prototyping and user tests.
The project resulted in a prioritized and time-constrained backlog/requirement specification for digital tools, which simplify the treatment process for both employees and clients

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