Say hello to Birger, our new Innovation Psychologist!

1 Jun 2017
Say hello to Birger, our new Innovation Psychologist!

Spring has managed to recruit a really exciting person to the team. His name is Birger Moëll and will bring great insights into the topic of Innovation and Social Behavior on the Internet. Birger is in parallel with the work of Spring responsible for Innovation issues at Stockholm County Council, and therefore fits well into the culture of Spring that is already characterized by a strong innovation mindset.

Birger is also a trained psychologist and has surveyed discoveries in major research areas such as stress conditions, sleep problems and various types of trauma. This summer, for example, he travels to Tuft University in Boston to help a research team to develop tools that measure which parts of the brain are activated in different learning situations.

Birger is also doing arts in his spare time, and some of his abstract watercolors are represented here in the castle's general premises.

We are very proud and pleased to present Birger as a new member of our team and we look forward to letting our customers know his exciting insights in several different areas. He will also work with the development team because he is also a skilled and experienced front-end developer.

Welcome Birger!

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