Spring releases new version of Fortum Charge&Drive web app which enable payments using your smartphone

This week the completely new web app from Fortum Charge and Drive is released simultaneously in Norway, Sweden and Finland. The app has been developed by Spring and includes lots of new functionally including new possibilities to pay for a charging session including credit card, sms, RFID badge and invoice.

The app shows all Fortum Charging stations but you can also see all stations from the open database Laddinfra. You can use filters to see only charging stations that your car can use. You can also get your charging history. The app is a responsive web app built to work on lots of different phones and devices.

Spring together with Info24 has been involved in the development of the systems for Fortum Charge and drive project since augusti 2012. In February this year there was approximately 9000 electrical vehicles in Sweden, estimated to be more than 14000 car by the end of 2015, meaning a growth rate of 142%.

Number of charging points per region in Sweden:

For more info please contact thomas.arcatedius@spring.se

Spring CEO Thomas Arctaedius talks at Lean Forum 2015

At the annual big Lean event in Sweden – Lean Forum 2015, Thomas together with Anders Hugnell from Implement AB, led a workshop with the title “Lean business development – How does Lean, Business development and innovation fit together?”

The workshop was based on the idea that in all organisations there in unused knowledge and skills that could be used in the development of new products and/or services. The 60 participants had the opportunity to learn more how to achieve this based on Lean R&D, Lean Start-up and Innovation processes.

Lean Forum is a yearly conference arranged by the organisation Lean Forum which is a Swedish association with more than 6000 members.

If you are interested in knowing more or arranging a workshop on this theme please contact thomas.arctaedius@spring.se

Spring opens office in Brighton, United Kingdom

From September 21st, Spring will start operations in the United Kingdom. We will be based together with our partner Cell Software in Brighton.

We have an established partnership with Cell Software since 2012, and we have been working together on several projects. Now we will take the next step! Together we can offer our clients an even stronger and more competitive service portfolio.

Spring will provide Cell Software with expertise in e-commerce and Internet of Things (IoT) area, user experience and graphical design. Cell Software has excellent skills in mobile application/web development as well as expertise in Quality Assurance. Cell have their own Test Center for mobile applications and web solutions. Cell Software has tested +3000 mobile applications in the Brighton office.

Spring are looking forward to enhance our partnership with Cell Software and start introducing our joint services portfolio to Springs and Cell Software´s markets.

Cell Software works with clients as Mind Candy, The Digital Catapult, VML, Caradigm and Fujitsu.

Read more about our partner Cell Software Ltd

Are you interested in our new office in Brighton and want to know more about what we can offer you? Please contact fredrik.aldegren@spring.se
or stefan.fager@cellsoftware.co.uk

Hello Viktor!

Viktor is a front end developer with a bachelor degree in Media Technology from Södertörn University. During his education he moved to San Diego, USA, to study graphic design and photography for a year. At Spring Viktor will mostly work with frontend development but also a bit of user experience design.

Viktor is originally from Vänersborg and moved to Stockholm in 2007. He enjoys traveling to big cities, all kinds of movies and a good workout.

We are really glad that you chose to work for us!

Hello Ayelen!

Ayelen has studied at Stockholm University where she just finished her bachelors in interaction design. Her curiosity and interest for human-computer interaction comes from the way design can affect and improve people’s everyday life. At Spring Ayelen will mostly be working with UX-methods in the design process but also a bit of front end development.

Ayelen is born in Argentina, raised in Stockholm, but has also been living in Barcelona where she ended up due to her passion for travel.

Ayelen has already started in various customer projects but she also makes heuristic evaluation of a number of sites that Spring have developed.

Big Nordic campaign for Post-it® Super Sticky Notes

Spring has along with Post-it® Notes created a Nordic campaign aimed for start-ups and the innovative scene in the Nordic region.

The purpose and bakground to the campaign was to communicate the advantages of the new Post-it® Super Sticky Notes, and trigger/establish even more loyal users.

Spring is behind the idea and the concept, design/UX. We have also collaborated with 3M’s global partner for development and backend.
Our common idea has been to fully focus on start-ups & Innovation departments by presenting a “Successful tool for creative brainstorming processes, workshops, business development and innovative projects among all kind of business.
This market is huge in Scandinavia with investments, no less than 179 million euros in Nordic startups (2013).

Why did we chose to focus on this target group?

  • Start-ups and innovation business are growing significantly in the Nordic countries
  • Good record of numbers of success stories and number of billion dollar company
  • A growing number of incubators such as Startup People of Sweden, Startup Sauna, Beta Factory in Denmark and Vigo in Norway.
  • Improves access to investment capital
  • The Innovation scene in the nordic region is well-known through a global perspective

Within this target group we hoped to also reach; heavy users, digital users, loyal users, social / viral individuals / users and people who act in different and unconvential environments.

The message we wanted to convey was that Post-it® Super Sticky Notes is not just a product! It’s a way of creating business and a guarantee for great ideas to come true.

We also wanted to give our target group an added value so that they could be even more successful in their business and creative work.

In addition to the campaign site, we created a physical toolbox named Post-it® Super Sticky Toolbox. It contains in addition to the campaign website link, sampling products and other useful information for workshops.

Why Post-it® Super Sticky Toolbox?

  • Post-it® Super Sticky Notes, acts like a helping hand in their role as market
    leader on the creative processes.
  • Sharing is caring.
  • Give the target group a service They can use and talk about.
  • Create loyal users.

The Campaign site offers

  • Collect methods and ideas that are useful for brainstorming
  • Explain the Quality of Post-it® Super Sticky Notes
  • Collect Success stories with great ambassadors
  • A competition in order to let visitors upload their best methods or ideas for a successful meeting or workshop.
  • Links to e-commerce platform
  • Collect hashtags from Instagram

We hope you you will visit the site and find inspiration among all the good ideas. You are more than welcome to upload your own idea and experience and compete for fantastic prizes.
Parallel to the campaign site, we also created banners and print ads to highlight the campaign and drive traffic to the site.

Link to the site: http://go.3M.com/SE.toolbox

Spring launches beta version of Project & Staff

Projects & Staff is an online tool for companies that want to optimize the staffing in different projects. The planning is made easier by using different color codes and by using % for showing how much the staff are planned in different projects and weeks.

Each employee can be invited and have their own account and are then able to (estimate and register ) update their workload per week on each project.

In the project view, all projects are shown together with connected project members (employees and subcontractors). Planned workload for project members can also be viewed.

During the beta testing period the website is free to use.

If you want to start using our tool just go to www.projectsandstaff.com.

We appreciate any feedback that you might have!

Emric, a new client in the financial services

Spring is proud to announce that we now are working together with Emric regarding development of web and mobile services. The project started of in May and will be running during this fall.

Emric provide products and services that support the entire value chain for lending and leasing for banks and finance companies. With installations in 24 different countries and 60 individual banks and credit companies as clients, Emric is the largest vendor in Scandinavia in its segment. Read more on www.emric.com.

Hello Axel Westerling!

We’d like to welcome Axel Westerling to Spring! He’s a graphic designer who studied Interaction Design at Stockholm University. He’s been actively working with design since before that with clients like Företagarna, Sollentuna Kommun and a lot of small businesses and organisations in northern Stockholm.

Here at Spring, he will mostly be doing layout and design, but also a bit of front end development. Axel is born in Stockholm, raised in Sollentuna, and since this year living in his old neighborhoods of Södermalm again. He says that he feels at home there, and very much at Spring too.

Welcome Axel!

Welcome to Spring Mixer at Slottet!

Spring invites you to the Spring mixer in our new office “The Castle” – a building opposite the royal castle, Slottsbacken 8.

Join us for a glass of wine or a beer and meet some of our interesting friends, partners and customers. Bring a friend if you’d like (ask him/her to sign up here as well).

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

17:30 to 19:30

Slottsbacken 8, Stockholm


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