Guldbrevs new sites

Guldbrev buys the gold you don’t need, quick and easy over the internet! But to be the best in the business they have to innovate and adjust. In the spring of 2018, Google introduced changes that would impact sites with separate mobile and desktop sites negatively. Guldbrev would have been affected by these changes.

Guldbrevs websites used old EPiServer-versions, and Guldbrev felt that the licenses cost more than they offered. They also wanted new UX and UI design, as well as appear higher on Google searches to better reach their target audience.

We conducted studies, workshops and SEO analysis to prepare for the project. Spring has now created new sites, and thereby new experiences, for Guldbrevs’ end users. This includes abroad, since Guldbrev are active in Norway and Finland as well, and these markets require their own sites.

But the work is not over! Spring continues to implement new functions like Bank-ID, and conduct A/B tests in order to make the site into the best it can possibly be.

If you want to know more about the project you can do so here.

Swedens new marketplace for housing

Swedens new marketplace for housing! The site is not yet up, but it is on its way!

Spring works with a basis in our innovation model. When working with innovation, we apply different models depending on what type of project it is. Books like “Business Model Generation” and “Lean Startup” have been great inspirational resources.

Spring has together with Bonytt developed a new concept for the housing market. The project has consisted of market surveillance, target group analysis, interviews and mapping of customer journeys for relevant target groups.

Spring has also worked with the visual design.

Service design and innovation for Agilokliniken

Whether you need a naprapath in Stockholm, rehabilitation in Södermalm, chiropractor in Tumba or naprapath in Solna, Agilokliniken’s broad network is at your service. They are currently 29 co-workers split among five offices. These are in Stockholm City, Södermalm, Tumba and Arenastaden in Solna. At Agilokliniken the patienten is always focus, and they try to be as attentive as possible. When they notice something troubling a patient is within a co-workers area of expertise, they file an internal remit to achieve the best possible result.

Spring works with a basis in our innovation model. When working with innovation, we apply different models depending on what type of project it is. Books like “Business Model Generation” and “Lean Startup” have been great inspirational resources.

With a grounding in service design and innovation methodology, we examine how we can improve the client experience and support the treatment process through digital tools.

We start with a Discovery phase consisting of two moments:

Part 1: Understand

Part 2: Define & Ideate (utforma)

Followed by the next step; concretizing the digital service developed. This part can look diffrent depending on what insights earlier parts provided, but can, for example, involve prototyping and user tests.

The project resulted in a prioritized and time-constrained backlog/requirement specification for digital tools, which simplify the treatment process for both employees and clients

New mobile service for Datscha

Datscha AB is a world-class software-as-a-service provider (SaaS) of web-based services for information and analysis of commercial facilities. Datscha was founded in 1996 and today it is active in three markets; Sweden, The UK and Finland. The majority of Datscha’s clients are active in the finance or property market.

Spring assists with architecture and development of their global mobile service. The service is developed for Android and iOS and it utilizes React Native.

Springs partner presents their product on national television

Our client MediTuner recently presented their innovation AsthmaTuner on national TV-cannel TV4.

Last year, Socialstyrelsen reported some big problems for patients suffering from asthma, and a big issue is that the healthcare industry just did not have enough time. AsthmaTuner was developed to help solve this problem.

Spring has been been developing a service for diagnosing and treatement for asthma patients. AsthmaTuner is the first complete self-care system for asthma and is made out of patient-apps and a medical interface. It is a self-diagnosing test that provides objective feedback on how to adjust medication for optimal treatment. MediTuner was concieved in the KI Innovation Incubator.

Watch consultant doctor and founder Henrik Ljungberg talk about AsthmaTuner.

Yonyfy has been chosen to participate in Almi pitch

The Spring startup YONYFY is one out of 10 chosen startups from all across Sweden to participate in the Almi Pitch Event during Åre Business Forum 27-29th of March 2019. In the YONYFY app you can collect digital player cards of sports stars, create your own personalized card, play the manager game, find news and get live updates from the games. The YONYFY platform is used by Handbollsligan (mens handball), SHE (womens handball), HockeyAllsvenskan and SHL (mens hockey leagues).

The pitch event itself is arranged by Almi Invest, with the purpose of pitching to investors, form new and interesting contacts and the chance to win 100 000 SEK, and the glory of winning, of course! Each of the companies pitch their startup for two minutes on the stage in front of the entire audience. Afterwards, the potential of each business idea is judged, but also the presenters ability to convey the idea effectively.

The judges select three entries who go to the final round, which is held on the last day. There, three companies pitch for two minutes and the audience picks the winner!

Spring takes on the Breakit Impact Challenge

With climate change looming over us all, Breakit has issued a challenge to its readers – the digital business world – to do their very best to become climate-aware and, in the long run, become climate-neutral.
At Spring we accept the challenge, and will work towards becoming a more sustainable company. There are lots of reasons to do what we can so that we, and the country, can become climate adjusted. To begin with, we have established a travel policy for our employees, which is the first task for the companies participating in the challenge. Breakit lists six points that illustrate how important the issue really is (list is taken directly from Breakit Impact Challenge ):

  1. Sustainable companies are more profitable. Several studies, among others this one, from Robert G Eccles at Harvard, have established this hopeful fact.
  2. A sustainable profile can also help you recruit the best. According to a Sifo study issued by Swedbank, companies that make an effort to be sustainable are vastly more attractive as employers.
  3. Seven out of ten swedes are ready to pay more for a product or service if they know that the company that produces it works to limit climate change according to a study by Naturvårdsverket.
  4. The Paris accord dictates that the global increase in temperature has to be kept below 2 degrees, and we will work for it to stay at 1.5 degrees. That means everyone has to help, including companies.

    “It is not impossible to limit the heating to 1.5 degrees. But that does require a never before seen effort by all of society” said Hoesung Lee, spokesperson for UN:s climate panel IPCC at the end of 2018.

  5. If the heating does reach 2 degrees (the medium temperature has already increased by 1 degree since pre-industrial levels) the consequences will have a drastic effect on hundreds of millions of people, according to the IPCC.
  6. Swedens emissions has been reduced by 26 percent since 1990, but only 0,5 percent between 2016 and 2017, according to Naturvårdsverket.

Spring’s Thomas Arctaedius is now professor of entrepreneurship

Thomas Arctaedius, CEO at Spring, has been appointed affiliated professor in entrepreneurship at the Royal College of Music (Kungliga Musikhögskolan). We took the opportunity to ask him a few questions.

– How did everything start? 

I’ve been working with innovation, entrepreneurship and startups for many years, in business as well as at universities (Stockholm University, Royal Institute of Technology and Stanford University). I’ve worked with incubators and was one of the founders of Stockholm’s first social impact hub for startups (Center för socialt entreprenörskap Sverige, CSES).

My work at the Royal College of Music started as a collaboration with ScorX  and Spring. ScorX is one of Spring’s innovation projects, a tool and e-shop for choir singers and leaders to practice scores. The aim for Musikhögskolan was to start using ScorX as a part of their programmes.

My work now is centered around musical entrepreneurship and building a new curriculum for artists and musicians in entrepreneurship.

Spring has also been part of a project where we explored the concept of the audience being a collaborator in the concert experience and a co-creator of the music experience.

Is there anything you have learned from your work at Spring that you can bring to KMH? or vice versa?

There is a strong link between user experience and music. The methods Spring use in digital development, can be used in music as well. With these methods it is possible to explore what the audience wants in a musical context.

Robert Horngren from Spring developed a tool to control a sound dome in one of KMH’s concert venues. The Sound dome is an advanced speaker system with 49 speakers that give the participants a three-dimensional sound experience. This project was a great example of how user experience can be combined with music.

Has your interest in music been strengthened during your time at KMH?

I didn’t start at KMH because of a music interest, but I have become more aware of music’s role in society. I had not reflected so much about it before but have begun to do it during my time here and have been fascinated by the importance of music. Can you imagine a world completely without music?

A moment with our interns

Spring has had the privilege of having several interns from different Schools. Miranda and Victor are our latest interns from KYH. They are studying to become Front-end Developers. We are also lucky to have an incoming intern, Meaghan. She studies the Digital Creative programme at Berghs School of Communication.

We asked Miranda and Victor a couple of questions about their time at Spring!

How did you find out about Spring?

Miranda: Through a friend that works at Spring, he recommended that I apply for an internship, since an internship is a part of my education at KYH.

Victor: My school put out a list of companies that are known to offer internships and Spring was on that list.

What is your impression of Spring?

Miranda:Spring has a friendly environment and a lot of interesting projects. I like that there’s activities going on regularly and that there’s a constant knowledge exchange amongst the employees.

Victor: It’s a relaxed and friendly environment and I like the location.

Has your time at Spring been educational?

Miranda: Yes, it has helped me to get a better picture of how it is to work as a Front-end Developer in a real project with actual costumers.

Victor: Yes absolutely, being around experienced developers has helped me greatly.
I learn a lot better when working on a real project and not just a school assignment.

What knowledge will you carry with you from Spring?

Miranda: How it is to work within a team of people with different roles and together create a finished product. I also got a better picture of how and why people come up with ideas for new digital products.

Victor: One of many things I will carry with me is the ability to communicate with developers who speak different programming languages.

Can you share a fun memory from Spring?

Miranda: A fun memory was when Spring had their “innovation evening” and anyone who wanted to could present an idea they had for an app or other kind of product. I thought it was interesting to listen to what people had come up with and what they considered important to have in their daily lives.

Victor: I thought it was fun to participate in meetings for Yonyfy, the project that I’m working on, where we discussed the future of the project, brainstormed future features and I got to know more about creating and managing a real product with actual users.

Welcome Johanna Särnå and Anna Uleander!

Photo of Anna and Johanna

Spring continues to grow and takes a big step forward by recruiting two senior members to our team, Johanna Särnå and Anna Uleander. Johanna as Head of Tech and Anna as Head of Design. Both Anna and Johanna are very experienced with a long and solid background of many successful projects in different customer segments. With this Spring strengthens its capability to deliver world-class solutions to our clients. The recruitment of Anna and Johanna is the next step in Spring’s growth strategy.

Hi Johanna and Anna! What made you choose Spring?

Johanna: I was appealed by the agile way of working that becomes natural in a small company based on innovation and entrepreneurship. What also caught my interest was Spring’s many customers and projects in the frontline of new technologies.

Anna: I thought Spring seemed to be an exciting company and I liked the angle of innovation and flexibility. Since I’m highly value and purpose driven, what also caught my eye was Thomas’ [CEO of Spring] social commitment and his work around social entrepreneurship. I have also worked with Fredrik [Head of Sales and Marketing] previously and I’ve always been really impressed by his work.

What responsibilities will you have at Spring?

Johanna: My role will be divided into two parts, leading Spring´s teach team and as a consultant focusing on agile ways of working.

Anna: My focus is to lead Spring’s design team and further develop our design offer, as well as do consultancy in UX Design and innovation.

Our roles also include business development as members of Spring’s management team.

What would you like to contribute with to Spring?

Johanna: My experience in agile ways of working will be one of my main contributions. That, together with my passion of building fantastic solutions together with brilliant people.

Anna: To create an even more exceptional place to work and to grow our design team & our capacity to deliver high impact solutions. I love the craft of creating digital services and I believe in an organizational culture that is holistic, healthy and characterized by trust, transparency and self-management, and that is what I want to contribute to and nurture.

My heart lies in sustainability and the result of the work that we do. I want to contribute to create more business opportunities and interesting projects and collaborations for us in that area. It is the combination of innovation, social impact and design that really sparks my interest. I have spent the last 20 years refining my skill set on how to design and build digital services and I want to use that skill set on projects that aim to create a positive difference for people, communities and the planet.