Nordic usability test tour for Charge & Drive

25 Jan 2018
Nordic usability test tour for Charge & Drive

Spring has carried out usability tests of the new native app for Fortum Charge & Drive in the Nordic countries. The aim of the usability tests is to secure user experience in the new app and to get feedback of the design and find areas for improved design for future releases of the app. The tour started in the leading country for electric cars, Norway which is also the most diverse market where both tech-savvy Tesla drivers as well as less experienced and more cost-aware Nissan Leaf drivers are represented.

After Norway, the tour continued to Sweden and finally Finland. What many users pointed out is the challenge of finding charging stations and therefore many users pointed out the importance of having a complete list of all available charging stations. They also prefer to have the charging stations listed with the status occupied or not, and possibly also how long they have been occupied.

The team involved in the testing from Spring were UX designers Camilla Lamberg and Johanna Cyprian with free-of-charge assistance of our trainee Robert Horngren.

Spring has been part of the development for Fortum Charge & Drive since the start and it is exciting to see how much the market for electric cars is growing. The usability testing has given insights both for basic usability but also for innovation. The results will now be taken into account for the release of the new native app during 2018.

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