New web and a teaser film about FIA

21 Dec 2016
New web and a teaser film about FIA

Intelleqt gave us the mission to create new web and a teaser film that describes a new service aimed for universities. The service makes it possible to visualize all CVs in a neat and efficient way.

It is challenging to collect and assess decisions material in higher education, in many cases decisions are made based on unsatisfied material. It is also challenging to track changes and follow-up effects of past decisions. Fia makes it easy to collect and present relevant data backing decisions and discussions with facts. Furthermore, it is possible to track change over time and visualizing improvements.

The University will use FIA to:

  • Drive performance
  • Share your impact
  • Assess and assure quality
  • Reach accreditations

Fia brings faculty data to life by aggregations and visualizations.

Take a look on our work on following link!

Link to website and film

Ps, the innovation behind FIA and our film has already been shown in a news channel in Taiwan!

Link to the news bulletin

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