New project with Suicide Zero

20 Jan 2023
New project with Suicide Zero
We are proud to be starting a new project together with Livsviktiga snack, part of Suicide Zero. Suicide Zero aim to radically reduce suicide in our society. Livsviktiga snack (Vital talks) focus on helping children between the ages of 9 and 12 to manage their thoughts and feelings. Children experience a lot of new things during these years and the easier it is for them to talk about their feelings, the more they improve their mental health. Livsviktiga snack is a book that parents can read to better understand what their child is going through. It offers guidance for parents to learn how to support their child in talking about things they are experiencing. Each year the book is sent out to all homes where a nine-year-old lives and the content is also available online.

A new project has started where Livsviktiga snack work closely with schools in Sweden to further spread knowledge about this subject. The project is called "Livsviktiga snack i skolan" ("Vital talks in school") and consists of both physical and digital material that is intended to be used as part of the curriculum. Spring's mission is to create a website where all the material is customised so that teachers may be able to use it during their lessons, regardless of the subject. The project starts in January and Spring is looking forward to be working with such an important initiative.

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