New design for Indiska

10 Oct 2019
New design for Indiska
"Have you noticed the beauty all around you? - the opening line from a song by Åke Thambert, one of the people who has shaped the Indiska brand into what it is today. The line is not about Indiska specifically, but it is undeniably fitting. Indiska is the store that want to display its passion for India, the countries craft, colors and materials. And they are in need of Spring's help.

They are going through major changes, and their e-commerce is a big part of this. Therefore, they need help with UX- as well as design for several parts of their system, among other things their omnichannel and their loyalty club and its graphical profile which needs to be fully responsive. The new design for Indiska has been noted in this article in Market.

Spring is going to work on design and UX in several projects. It is still too early to reveal anything more than that, but you can expect big changes. Just imagine how beautiful it will be around you!ring er!

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