Guldbrevs new sites

17 Sep 2019
Guldbrevs new sites

Guldbrev buys the gold you don't need, quick and easy over the internet! But to be the best in the business they have to innovate and adjust. In the spring of 2018, Google introduced changes that would impact sites with separate mobile and desktop sites negatively. Guldbrev would have been affected by these changes.

Guldbrevs websites used old EPiServer-versions, and Guldbrev felt that the licenses cost more than they offered. They also wanted new UX and UI design, as well as appear higher on Google searches to better reach their target audience.
We conducted studies, workshops and SEO analysis to prepare for the project. Spring has now created new sites, and thereby new experiences, for Guldbrevs' end users. This includes abroad, since Guldbrev are active in Norway and Finland as well, and these markets require their own sites.

But the work is not over! Spring continues to implement new functions like Bank-ID, and conduct A/B tests in order to make the site into the best it can possibly be.

If you want to know more about the project you can do so here.

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