Frame Agreement - Consulting services

23 Mar 2016
Frame Agreement - Consulting services

The Frame Agreement means that Spring will continue to deliver development services to the whole Fortum Group. This means that all divisions in Fortum easily can hire Spring without tender.

The agreement is initially for two years but can be extended. Spring has made itself known in Fortum to combine technical development services, project management with services in graphic design.

"It is so stimulating that we will continue to have the opportunity to deliver comprehensive services to Fortum. It is also an acknowledgment that the former cooperation has worked satisfactorily for both parties", says Thomas Arctaedius, CEO, Spring.

In Charge & Drive part of Fortum (ie, electric cars) we will start right now with some new development projects, eg on simplifying the process for home charging.

Read more about the Charge & Drive project here

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