Europe invests 3 million in sustainable housing

19 Mar 2020
Europe invests 3 million in sustainable housing

With the effects of climate change becoming increasingly visible, there is a heightened awareness of the need to speed up the energy transition. This transition is taking place all across Europe but cannot be done without individual homeowners. Fortunately, more and more owners are willing to invest in energy saving measures and alternative energy sources in their homes. To support this, an area in the Netherlands; Drenthe, has been awarded 3 million euros in European subsidies to lead the STRONGHOUSE project. In this project organizations from the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, Denmark, Sweden and the United Kingdom will work together for the coming three years to facilitate at least 15,000 homeowners in retro-fitting their houses. One of these organisations is us; Spring! We are going to develop Blockchain solutions to connect citizens, municipalities and green lenders.

In order to create new measures, businesses in the sector are closely involved in STRONGHOUSE. Small and medium sized enterprizes are being requested to come up with innovative and affordable techniques and other financial instruments. In addition to saving a calculated 10 kiloton of CO2 in Drenthe alone, this international project is expected to generate some 100 million euro in investments.

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