Alfrek - bringing research solutions to the commercial field!

10 Apr 2015
Alfrek - bringing research solutions to the commercial field!

What is it Alfrek about?
Alfrek is a service for business purposes - a marketplace where practitioners can find research-based solutions to their in-work challenges

What did Spring do?
Spring has developed the digital strategy for Alfrek together with the launch of its new web site. Furthermore, Spring has been responsible for the User Experience (UX), design and layout as well as the entire web development.

Why is it so good?
Alfrek is unique as it effectively bridges the gap between the business community and research field, enhances and improves the communication between academia and commercial area. Through a smart service, Alfrek, makes research solutions available and easy to find for practitioners in order to implement in their own business. All research findings are packaged in simple and applicable formats. Furthermore, Alfrek opens up for the research community and researchers to market themselves, their know-how and research findings to a business arena.

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