A new web platform for VAT and Tax processes

27 May 2016
A new web platform for VAT and Tax processes

We have designed a new web platform that Skeppsbrons customers can use to get IT support for various VAT and tax processes. The platform is built so that different tax / VAT applications can be added into the platform.

The first "apps" is an app for that called a voluntary tax liability for the premises, an app for the process of income tax declaration and an app for the process around the VAT return.

The challenge has been to build user-friendly and logical flows for relative complex processes with many steps and many people involved.

We have used skills as UX, front end, back end (.NET) and database. The platform is built in Microsoft environment.

You can not access the system without first talking to the Skeppsbron Skatt. Please visit their regular web for more information about the company.

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