Spring will create digital opportunities for everyone!

13 Jan 2017
Spring will create digital opportunities for everyone!

Spring is one of the winners of the Post- & telestyrelsen´s innovation competition "best in industry". We will together with Funka develop a tool to measure digital accessibility - for real.

Prestigious Innovation award to Spring.

As we are an innovation-driven digital agency focusing on user-centered development, we are very happy and proud to be one of the winners of the PTS innovation competition "best in industry". Funka is a subcontractor in the common work and contributes with specific knowledge about accessibility studies and techniques.

"It feels so fun to carry out this project together with Funka´s specialists", says Thomas Arctaedius, CEO of Spring. Accessibility is an area that many of our clients asks for our help, and we really believe that a smart tool can make a big difference for the industry and the users.

Increasing demands on accessibility.

There are many tools that measure different things on the web. Some of these are specifically designed to measure accessibility, but the majority are much broader. Some are for developers to check their code, others for editors to get hints about broken links and missed ALT texts, there are tools that give designers support in terms of contrasts and colors, and there are tools to help public institutions to check how sites meet requirements and regulations.

But several research projects have shown significant quality problems among existing tools. At the same time the increased demands on the accessibility means that many clients needs help and support in order to meet the needs. A good tool can streamline part of the job considerably, we think.

"It is an important for us that we partnered with a company that aren’t geeks in accessibility like us", says Andreas Cederbom, Analysis Manager at Funka. It will be very exciting to see how far we can get.

Post- & telestyrelsen´s innovation competition provides great opportunities for future development.

Post- & telestyrelsen´s innovation competition is open to companies and organizations and provides an opportunity to develop new or existing solutions so that more people can benefit from digitization opportunities, regardless of their functional capacity.

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