Spring signs partnership with Telenor's Internet-of-things services!

11 Oct 2017
Spring signs partnership with Telenor

Spring has entered a partnership with Telenor Connexion which gives us full access to Telenor's services to connect IoT devices to backend cloud solutions. Telenor´s solution makes it easy to have many devices connected around the world.

We now use this solution for one of our customers NeoZeo. NeoZeo has developed a Biogas Upgrading Module for small- and medium-scale biogas upgrading, e.g. at farms and small municipalities. For NeoZeo, we develop apps that enable management of upgrading plants and selling and buying biogas directly from the farms.

Telenor´s service enable us to successfully launch, manage, and monetize IoT products and devices. Once up and running, automated delivery and management makes operation and optimization of the IoT solution easy and intuitive.

We think this partnership can help us improve many of our client´s IoT products!

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