Big Nordic campaign for Post-it® Super Sticky Notes

26 Aug 2015
Big Nordic campaign for Post-it® Super Sticky Notes

Spring has along with Post-it® Notes created a Nordic campaign aimed for start-ups and the innovative scene in the Nordic region.

The purpose and bakground to the campaign was to communicate the advantages of the new Post-it® Super Sticky Notes, and trigger/establish even more loyal users.

Spring is behind the idea and the concept, design/UX. We have also collaborated with 3M's global partner for development and backend. Our common idea has been to fully focus on start-ups & Innovation departments by presenting a "Successful tool for creative brainstorming processes, workshops, business development and innovative projects among all kind of business. This market is huge in Scandinavia with investments, no less than 179 million euros in Nordic startups (2013).

Why did we chose to focus on this target group?

  • Start-ups and innovation business are growing significantly in the Nordic countries
  • Good record of numbers of success stories and number of billion dollar company
  • A growing number of incubators such as Startup People of Sweden, Startup Sauna, Beta Factory in Denmark and Vigo in Norway.
  • Improves access to investment capital
  • The Innovation scene in the nordic region is well-known through a global perspective

Within this target group we hoped to also reach; heavy users, digital users, loyal users, social / viral individuals / users and people who act in different and unconvential environments.

The message we wanted to convey was that Post-it® Super Sticky Notes is not just a product! It's a way of creating business and a guarantee for great ideas to come true.

Content: We also wanted to give our target group an added value so that they could be even more successful in their business and creative work.

In addition to the campaign site, we created a physical toolbox named Post-it® Super Sticky Toolbox. It contains in addition to the campaign website link, sampling products and other useful information for workshops.

Why Post-it® Super Sticky Toolbox?

  • Post-it® Super Sticky Notes, acts like a helping hand in their role as market leader on the creative processes.
  • Sharing is caring.
  • Give the target group a service They can use and talk about.
  • Create loyal users.

The Campaign site offers

  • Collect methods and ideas that are useful for brainstorming
  • Explain the Quality of Post-it® Super Sticky Notes
  • Collect Success stories with great ambassadors
  • A competition in order to let visitors upload their best methods or ideas for a successful meeting or workshop.
  • Links to e-commerce platform
  • Collect hashtags from Instagram

We hope you you will visit the site and find inspiration among all the good ideas. You are more than welcome to upload your own idea and experience and compete for fantastic prizes. Parallel to the campaign site, we also created banners and print ads to highlight the campaign and drive traffic to the site.

Link to the site:

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