Public sector is undergoing digitalization, which leads to better public services and substantial savings. Not all organizations are equally good at reaping the benefits of digital possibilities. By continuously measure their digital maturity an organization can directly see what works and what doesn’t, as well as follow the results of any potential changes.

An administrator adds the respondents in an “organization tree”, after which the measurement is done automatically. The result is visualized in Dashboards and in automatic reports. The tool is operated by one of our innovation companies, DiMaTech.


It is a challenge for the faculty at universities and colleges that in a simple way get an overview of all the fantastic activities their staff is involved in, be it education, research or cooperation. At the same time, the public is interested and curios about what goes on at institutes of higher education.

FIA is a system that receives data via a standardized academic resumé, whereupon the data is made accessible via analytics, aggregations, reports and visualizations so that both management and the public can take part of a clear and quantitative image of what goes on at the institute.


YONYFY offers professional player cards for the SHL, HockeyAllsvenskan & Handball League in three different apps, for AppStore and Google Play.

The apps let you shop, save and sell digital professional player cards. In the apps you can also register & update your own player profile and create customized cards.

YONYFY product image

You can  also shop and sell player cards from SHL, HockeyAllsvenskan and Handball League, with your friends and other users in the app. All player stats are constantly updated and each player has special skills that change throughout the season. You also get access to news from SHL, HockeyAllsvenskan and Handbollsligan. The app also includes a management game with live data from the games and and allows you to compete against your friends and other users in the app.


Our work:

Spring created an interactive tool for choir singers and leaders to make it easier and more fun to practice scores. ScorX allows you to buy scores for yourself and others in your choir. You can control different parts in the score to be able to focus on your own singing while you practice. ScorX works on desktop, mobile and tablet devices. If you happen to be a musican, you can even sell your work through ScorX!


Our work:

We worked with Tipser in their startup-phase and helped them out with their graphical profile, design and usability. We also worked with prduct development. Our client Aller Media (blogg.se) was Tipser’s first client and Spring did the integration between the platforms.

Tipser have grown into a successful service and we see a lot of opportunities with it. We gladly provide our customers, services based on Tipsers widgets and plugins.

Skeppsbron skatt

The Challenge:

The challenge was to create a simple and efficiant user interface for complex business processes.

Spring has a proven track record of working with innovations that makes a true change in business. This has also characterized our co-operation with Skeppsbron Skatt.

Skeppsbron Skatt product image

The solution:

We have designed and developed a new web platform that Skeppsbron’s customers can use to get support for a variety of VAT and tax processes. The platform makes it easy to handle the processes and has given Skeppsbron a comparative advantage towards its competitors. It is built so that different tax/VAT applications can be added into the platform.

The Swedish Post and Telecom Authority

Our work:

A prototype to measure digital accessibility was developed in collaboration with Funka. The prototype has shown promising results for taking measurement of automatic testing of digital accessibility to the next level.

The Swedish Post and Telecom Authority product image

There is a strong need for a tool that has accurate measurement of digital accessibility because of EU:s new Accessibility Directive that was introduced September 2018.